Stephen Trapnell


Stephen has more than 25 years experience in the digital printing industry. He began his career as a graphic reproducer in the pre-press industry and learnt the old art of darkroom photography and hand film combining. As he was completing his apprenticeship, he realised technology was overtaking the skills he had just mastered. Motivated to learn and advance with technology, Stephen embraced the new era of wide format inkjet printing that had just entered the Adelaide market.

Embracing the success of Ochre Digital and looking to service a different section of the signage market, Stephen and Andrew established Trio solutions with Ryan. The integrated knowledge and expertise of both entities greatly complement each other and creates the highest quality and standard within the signage industry.

Stephen has a passion for surfing and travelling. Combining these interests has led to Stephen surfing at some of the world’s greatest surfing locations. His talents also extend to manufacturing surfboards under the branding of Habitual Surfboards. Stephen also enjoys fishing and looking after his chickens.