Graffiti Removal

Our quick response to graffiti vandalism can decrease the risk of permanent damage to your signage and reduce the negative impact to your brand.

Trio sign solutions provides a comprehensive Graffiti Removal service for all aspects of signage and graffiti. It is recommended that graffiti vandalism be attended to immediately to achieve the maximum result in its removal and reduce the risk of permanent staining or shadowing. Our quick response to your graffiti removal request will ensure the life span of your signage will not be compromised.

With a strong commitment to our environmental policy, we use a range of environmentally friendly products in the removal of graffiti. Individual products and processes are selected and used depending on the severity and type of surface effected by the graffiti vandalism. Our knowledge ensures minimum impact to the environment and eliminates the potential risk of damaging your signage by using incorrect products to remove graffiti from specialised surfaces.